Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom: 6 Best Master Sword Fusions

Tears of the Kingdom may have arrived after an agonizingly long wait, but most people believe that the effort spent developing this game was not in vain. Tears of the Kingdom not only incorporates concepts that bring new dynamics to the action, but it also fixes some of the issues that gamers had with the first release.
The Fuse mechanism is certainly one of the strongest parts of the game, even if some players felt that its implementation was a little restrictive. Still, players can attach a variety of objects to their weapons to see what occurs, and the Master Sword is not immune. When players attach these powerful items to Link’s renowned sword, it can become as powerful as ever.


Turns The Master Sword Into A Projectile Weapon

The Cannon is one of the game’s most potent Zonai weapons. It fires a powerful projectile that knocks most adversaries off their feet while also dealing substantial damage. While this device is useful in its own right, what distinguishes it is when players assault it with a weapon or shield.

Because it regenerates after breaking, the Master Sword is an ideal match for this weapon. Keep in mind that once the blade has to recharge, the Cannon will be lost permanently, thus it’s crucial to use this weapon intelligently to hit foes at long range rather than flailing indiscriminately with no plan.

Lizalfos Tail

Great For Extending Range, Better With Elemental Buffs

Many BotW and TotK players are well aware of how unpleasant Lizalfos can be when fighting them in a group. These adversaries dart in and out of fight, hitting Link with their tongues and tails when he’s out of reach. To summarize, the fact that players may grab their tails and connect them to their weapons in the sequel is quite handy.

Attaching tails to weapons increases their reach, and the Master Sword is no exception. If players have access to the tails of elemental Lizalfos, the extended range of their assaults is further augmented by the elemental impact that burns, freezes, or shocks enemies into dropping their weapons.

Gleeok Horn/Wing

Enhances Damage Along With A Benefit From Each Element

Gleeoks are some of the most difficult enemies in Tears of the Kingdom, and most players who see this adversary in the distance for the first time would prefer to simply avoid this gigantic beast. The three-headed dragon is no laughing matter, and it will annihilate unprepared players who are unable to deal with its unrelenting assault.

To put it simply, fighting a Gleeok is a terrifying experience, and players who use all of their powerful weapons and resources to defeat this monster will be rewarded with a plethora of beneficial materials that can be fused. The Gleeok wings and horns are quite useful in their own right, with elemental versions that boost the Master Sword’s potency when merged.

Silver Lynel Horn

The Best Lynel Material That Players Can Use To Wreak Havoc

As expected, the Silver Lynel remains one of the game’s most difficult monster confrontations. If players want to fight this fearsome foe, they must stay alert and figure out the best counters to their strikes. The benefits for defeating this foe are unquestionably worthwhile.

Given the substantial damage advantage provided by the horn, the Silver Lynel Horn is especially beneficial if players choose to fuse it to a weapon. Some people find it unbalanced, but most people won’t complain when they whip out the Master Sword with this material fused onto it to deal heavy damage to adversaries who have no idea what’s coming.

Gloom Weapons

Enjoy The Damage Bonus Of Gloom Weapons Without The Self-Harming Effects

After defeating the Gloom Hands and defeating Phantom Ganon, players can wield a Gloom Sword, Spear, or Club. While these weapons are quite useful, they do lead Link to suffer from Gloom Damage after multiple strikes, which can get rather annoying after a while.

This negative effect, however, can be mitigated by using another weapon as a base for the Gloom weapon to fuse onto. The delicious irony of utilizing the Master Sword and fusing it with one of Ganon’s Gloom weapons is not lost on gamers, who appreciate the massive damage boost given by this fusion.

Light Dragon Scale/Talon/Fang/Horn/Spike

The Light Dragon’s origins are genuinely mind-boggling, with most people unaware that this formidable beast is Zelda herself. Pulling the Master Sword from the dragon’s head is one of the best gaming experiences that anyone can have.

Players who don’t mind peppering Zelda’s dragon form with arrows will collect a plethora of resources from the Light Dragon that can be fused onto the Master Sword. They not only increase the damage of this blade, but each hit also restores some of Link’s health.

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