‘Worry’ over the Jamie Fraser story in the midseason finale, says Outlander’s creator.

The Starz television series Outlander is going on a break following a tumultuous midseason finale when the protagonist was placed in a perilous predicament.
Fans are deeply affected by the Droughtlander and are actively seeking any form of respite.
Fortunately, Starz has an official podcast that presents fans with snippets from the latest season, providing behind-the-scenes knowledge about the show’s production.

During one of the episodes, Matthew B. Roberts, the showrunner of Outlander, discussed the apprehensions that he and the rest of the crew had over the midseason finale, particularly the hand injury of Jamie Fraser, portrayed by Sam Heughan. During the second Battle of Saratoga in Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander novels, Jamie had a finger amputation due to severe damage inflicted on the digit.

Diana Gabaldon and the Stars of Outlander Dish on All 5 Seasons — Outlander Seasons - Parade

Nevertheless, in the television series, Jamie’s finger was preserved due to the expertise of his medical spouse, Claire Fraser (portrayed by Caitríona Balfe), who possessed knowledge of 20th-century medical practices. Regarding the specific sequence in the TV series, Roberts stated: “We were aware that we would encounter certain difficulties with the hand.”

“The damage to the book is extensive, and we were aware that we did not have sufficient time to allow for a complete and flawless recovery.” “The need to manipulate the timeline in the episode was a constant source of worry.”

Regarding the hand, we conducted several sessions to discuss its initial appearance, as well as the subsequent healing process, including the formation of scars and other related aspects.
Roberts expressed his astonishment at how we consistently succeed in overcoming challenges that confuse and perplex us.

“In our room, we have a principle called ‘Don’t break the dream’. This means that when we start an episode, we aim to maintain a seamless flow until the end, without any interruptions or confusion.”

“Indeed, there will always be individuals who are well-versed in the literary work and inquire as to why certain scenes were omitted or why the portrayal deviates from the original book.”That is an aspect that you can never challenge since it pertains to preexisting knowledge.

Claire and Jamie Fraser in Outlander

Someone possesses knowledge that may or may not be related to this specific narrative due to its nature as a television series.

“However, for an individual who is unfamiliar with the narrative, the goal is to enable them to effortlessly start watching it and continue until the conclusion.”

Roberts also explained that the inclusion of the hand, along with other elements of the story, had to be adjusted to fit the limitations of the TV show’s timeframe, rather than adhering strictly to the original books.

The showrunner of Outlander remarked that there was a strong coherence and consistency in the narrative, which greatly contributed to the genuineness of the story they aimed to convey.

In addition, Roberts emphasized that Outlander is a work of fiction, with imaginary characters and the inclusion of genuine historical individuals within its storyline.

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