Will Jerry MacKenzie be in Outlander Season 7B?

In Outlander Season 7A, we left Roger and Buck MacKenzie traveling to 1778 in order to retrieve Jemmy. We’re excited to see how the intriguing journey the novels lead them on is continued in the series. Outlander Season 7 has confirmed the return of several familiar faces as well as the addition of one significant one. Although he appears in the books, will Jerry MacKenzie also appear in the series?

Whoa, there’s Jerry MacKenzie? How could that be true? In this post, we’ll discuss some book spoilers from Written in My Own Heart’s Blood.

Where do Roger and Buck end up?

Will Jerry MacKenzie be in Outlander Season 7B?

Buck and Roger wind themselves somewhere other than 1778, despite their wish to travel there. Jemmy MacKenzie is not the past, as you can see. Rob Cameron appears unable to travel through time, as he is remained in 1980. Roger and Buck have therefore found themselves on a mission they were not intended to be on.

Rather, they wind up in 1739. They get to meet Brian and Jenny Fraser as a result of this. They also encounter Geillis Duncan and Douglas MacKenzie. They do, however, come across someone else who lives nearby.

Roger’s father, Jerry MacKenzie, is the central figure.

Will Jerry be in Outlander Season 7B?

The Shocking Truth Behind Jemmy's Game-Changing Role in Outlander Season 7

Jerry may or may not be included in the story; there are no indications to the contrary. Roger’s life depends on Jerry MacKenzie’s account in Written in My Own Heart’s Blood.

Jerry’s death during World War II is known to us. The novels make that clear. Written in My Own Heart’s Blood reveals to Roger that what he believes to be true isn’t the whole story. Jerry survived the plane disaster. Rather, he passed through Northumbria’s stones and arrived in 1739. While he’s there, he needs assistance, and Roger and Buck provide it.

Jerry can be transported back to 1943 by Roger. Naturally, Roger is unaware that Jerry manages to pass through the stones. He is unaware that Roger was saved from certain death in the 1943 Blitz by Jerry, the “stranger.”

Jerry must therefore appear in Outlander Season 7B. We must ascertain that Roger visited a certain era for a particular purpose. In order to meet and save his father, he must travel to 1739. Roger cannot be salvaged as a boy without that.

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