Why Ghost Rider From The MCU Would Be an Ideal Role for Keanu Reeves

In a new fan trailer, Keanu Reeves assumed the role of Ghost Rider for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, proving why he ought to play the Spirit of Vengeance.

A brand-new fan teaser for Ghost Rider imagines Keanu Reeves playing the renowned Marvel superhero. Despite his widespread popularity, Johnny Blaze, also known as Ghost Rider, has not yet made an appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Nicolas Cage played the character in the mid-2000s films before Marvel Studios regained the rights to the franchise. Even with the rights returned, Marvel Studios has not spoken or hinted at a prospective Ghost Rider film.

Why Ghost Rider From The MCU Would Be an Ideal Role for Keanu Reeves - xml tutorial

Reeves hasn’t taken up a role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, despite sporadic speculations linking him to one. Reeves has even stated that he would like to portray Ghost Rider, but nothing has materialized despite the actor’s and fans’ desire for it to happen.

A fan trailer for Ghost Rider was just released by Stryder HD as a proof of concept for what a solo Marvel Studios adventure centered on the Spirit of Vengeance in the MCU may look like. In pitching Reeves as Johnny Blaze, the video recycles Gabriel Luna’s Agents of SHIELD character Robbie Reyes, telling Reeves’ story through his heir.

Why Hasn’t The MCU Cast Its Own Ghost Rider Yet?

Keanu Reeves says his dream Marvel role is Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider hasn’t been hinted at or shown up yet, despite the MCU introducing a number of new heroes and villains between Phases 4 and 5. But with the arrival of otherworldly characters like Werewolf by Night and the impending Blade revival, the MCU has started setting the groundwork for a possible Midnight Sons production. This would be the ideal opportunity to finally use Ghost Rider, either with Johnny or continuing with Robbie.

Not only did SHIELD agents set the basis for Robbie, but also for Johnny, who appeared briefly in season 4. In Robbie’s origin story, it was revealed that Johnny was the one who gave Robbie the Spirit of Vengeance’s abilities. Johnny is present in the MCU but isn’t really exploited. He could have been given more development at this time, which would have also rekindled the Agents of SHIELD Ghost Rider mythology. Even better would be if the MCU could figure out a way to have Johnny and Robbie appear together as Ghost Riders simultaneously.

There was almost a Ghost Rider TV series at Hulu, but creative disputes prevented the project from moving forward. With Daredevil slated to star in his own Disney+ series and the MCU repurposing Marvel TV characters, there’s no reason Marvel Studios couldn’t think about bringing Ghost Rider into the fold. Hopefully, Ghost Rider will eventually play a regular role in the MCU in one form or another, whether that role comes sooner rather than later.

Why Ghost Rider From The MCU Would Be an Ideal Role for Keanu Reeves - xml tutorial

One of the most well-known antiheroes Marvel Comics has ever produced is Ghost Rider. Ghost Rider, a supernaturally enhanced rider who feeds on evil, is undoubtedly one of the story’s most sinister figures. He has a terrifying visage and connections to Hell. His foes are more likely to be demons or their agents than aliens, androids, or wizards. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has only lately started to explore his dark tales.

Ghost Rider has seen plenty of action on both large and small screens already. Nicolas Cage had his most well-known performances as him in the 2007 films Ghost Rider and Spirit of Vengeance. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. had a different rendition, portrayed by Gabriel Luna.

Many have expressed curiosity about playing the role, including Keanu Reeves, and there has been much conjecture about how and when he will join the MCU. The identity of the Ghost Rider who will emerge is less certain. You see, because of the nature of the curse that spawns them, there have been more than a dozen variations of the Spirit of Vengeance over the years. Let’s examine the candidates we believe the MCU ought to release on television or film.

The Three Main Ghost Riders

Keanu Reeves says his dream MCU role would be to play Ghost Rider

Although there aren’t nearly as many Ghost Rider iterations as there are Spiderverse characters, the effort is still evident. Selecting from over a dozen possible riders is a difficult undertaking. Fortunately, these individuals mostly share one thing: they were bestowed with the Spirit of Vengeance and have since evolved into the most advanced version of Ghost Rider.

Having said that, three distinct characters have primarily possessed the Ghost Rider identity in the comic books. These three are not just copy-paste jobs of a character that hasn’t altered much; instead, they each have unique backstories, characteristics, and even adversaries.

Most people associate Ghost Rider with Johnny Blaze. Blaze, a circus stunt performer who first appeared in 1972, sold his soul to the demon Mephisto in an effort to save his adoptive father, only to find himself enslaved to a Spirit of Vengeance.

Blaze is cursed to become the terrifying Ghost Rider when evil is around, exacting revenge on the wicked and consigning their souls to Hell. Fans of both the comic books and the movies may agree that this is the most recognizable incarnation of Ghost Rider. In the non-MCU films Ghost Rider (2007) and Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (2012), Nicolas Cage portrayed Johnny Blaze.

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