Zendaya Is Incessantly Mentioning Tom Holland,

When two people are genuinely in love, it's simple to discern since they bring each other up in every discussion without being asked.  

Tom Holland and Zendaya are Exhibit A.Zendaya was asked which member of the Dune cast, 

had the most rizz in a BuzzFeed interview to promote Dune: Part Two. Z laughed and said,  

"Hello," but then realized that her boyfriend Holland was the one who most embodied the qualities the youngsters had described as "rizz."  

who isn't in Dune in reality."Mr. Tom Holland is someone who has beautiful charisma,  

he's not on the Dune cast, but he works for me," Zendaya stated while holding a handful of puppies. Because I'm more reserved and quiet,  

it takes a little longer to get me to come out of my shell. However, he excels at merely striking up conversations and getting to know others.  

You see him on discussion shows and such, and he's just naturally excellent at that kind of thing. He "has that natural gift," she said, adding that she still needs to "pull that out" of herself. 

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