Yellowstone, Inc.: The Big Business Behind Kevin Costner's Cowboy Drama

Kevin Costner is not known for his humility. 

When he left the neo-western TV serial Yellowstone in 2023 due to creative concerns

and "arduous" compensation talks to embark on his own two-part cowboy film Horizon: An American Saga, industry tip sheet 

 Puck revealed that he had negotiated an unusual clause in his contract that prohibited producers from killing him off in a way that would "cause shame or embarrassment to the character"

Costner appears to have revised his position and is apparently pressing to participate in the final five season, with no sense of remorse or embarrassment. 

Filming for season five part two begins this spring, and the scripts do not yet feature his character John Dutton.

 It would appear to be an obvious choice. Yellowstone, starring Kevin Costner

airs on the small US cable station Paramount and its minuscule streaming service Paramount Plus. 

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