‘Yellowstone’ fans won't believe how much the epic western costs to make.  

A-list actors headline the large-scale production Yellowstone, which is shot on location away from Hollywood. 

In his epic western, creator Taylor Sheridan prioritized authenticity and star power, which don't come cheap.  

Fans of Yellowstone will be shocked to learn how much money is required to produce the popular TV series.  

Yellowstone is set in the Big Sky nation of Montana, where a local Native American tribe and Yellowstone National Park share boundaries with the fictional Dutton ranch. 

With hundreds of thousands of acres, it is billed as the largest ranch in the contiguous United States.  

However, the Salt Lake City Tribune claims that during Yellowstone's first three seasons, production took place in and around Park City, Utah, for about 75% of the show. 

25% of the total was located in and around the actual Chief Joseph Ranch, which spans 2,500 acres and is located close to Darby, Montana.  

However, that was altered in season 4. Yellowstone filmed the entire forthcoming season in and around Missoula, Montana, as well as the Chief Joseph Ranch (the site of the enormous Dutton family log cabin). 

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