Why You Should Use Frozen Strawberries Over Fresh For Smoothies

When it comes to creating the ideal smoothie, the difference between fresh and frozen strawberries may appear insignificant.

 While fresh berries frequently steal the show, it's time to discover why frozen reigns supreme in this blended delicacy. 

Of course, combining fresh and frozen fruits yields the greatest smoothie texture, but in this case, frozen strawberries win hands down.

Unlike fresh strawberries, which can give your smoothie a watery feel, frozen strawberries provide a thick, frosty texture that is simply decadent.

Using more frozen fruit and regulating your liquid allows you to create a sippable or spoonable smoothie based on your tastes. 

Though texture is crucial, the main reason you should use frozen strawberries instead of fresh is flavor.

 You might be surprised to learn that frozen strawberries taste better than fresh strawberries. 

How is this possible, you ask? It all comes down to harvest time.Frozen strawberries are collected at the peak of ripeness, at the ideal time, giving them time to grow additional sugar

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