While touring Houston, Keanu Reeves engages in some catch with a 9-year-old. 

Keanu Reeves, an actor and musician, is accustomed to entertaining crowds, but this month while on tour with his band Dogstar in Houston, 

Reeves impressed a young fan with a unique set of abilities. The John Wick actor and bass player met 9-year-old Elijah ,

before a performance at the House of Blues and they decided to play a brief game of catch with a football. 

Elijah admitted to reporter Janelle Bludau, who covered the toss for KHOU 11, 

"I was pretty apprehensive since I was playing catch with a famous superstar." According to Bludau, 

when Reeves and his band arrived, Elijah and his brother Caleb were waiting outside the theater with their grandma Annette Cruz. 

Cruz claimed that she has a hobby of meeting famous people. She estimates that she has met more than 100 celebrities, 

including Post Malone and Jeremy Renner. "I enjoy fishing. It reminds me of fishing, remarked Cruz. 

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