What today's full moon means for your sign??

It's set to be intense, but you're welcoming in much greater awareness in your life. The ways you share, give, and receive will become conscious to you, empowering you to make changes where things are out of balance.  


It's the most important time of the year for this part of your life, and big commitments/unions are possible around now. Where relationships are on shaky ground, however, there could be a separation: to clear the way for better things.  


Discoveries about your physical and mental health are possible now, helping you make changes that will support your well-being. A new project, job, or pet could be on the horizon for you.  


Regardless, it's set to be a significant turning point in the year for you in honoring what your heart deeply desires. If you're single, there could be an opportunity to meet a new romantic partner now.  


If so, the Scorpio full moon will draw your attention to it, so it can be healed. Prioritize self-care during what could be an emotionally heavy, or nostalgic, time.  


Writing or speaking about what's on your mind will find the right audience now. You could feel called to travel short distance, to help release old thoughts and spark new inspiration.  


You could discover new ways of making extra income that are tied to talents you take for granted, but are actually in demand. Creating your own sense of material security will help you feel more powerful.  


There's a potent opportunity to start completely anew, due to a powerful breakthrough or breakdown. Leave past versions of yourself behind and embrace who you're becoming.  


It would be wise to lay low, and take care of yourself. Some secrets could come to the surface that you aren't expecting, so having the time to emotionally process them is essential.  


The moon is lighting up your potential to encounter new, significant connections that could become long-term associations. If others are leaving your life around now, it's time to move on and embrace what's coming instead.  


This moon is coming to support you recognizing your deepest desires in your work-life legacy, and to address any discrepancies between your sense of emotional security and your career ambitions.  


Big realizations could enable you to embrace a new, higher perspective on your life. A desire for long-distance travel or the opportunity to study abroad could emerge around this time, too.  


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