Welche mobile provider gets Musk's Starlink's first cell satellites?

Elon Musk's SpaceX announced on Wednesday that it has launched its first batch of Starlink satellites,   

which will enable mobile phone service anywhere in the world. Musk has cautioned that this achievement won't be able to rival terrestrial networks,  

but it will help bridge cellular dead zones and improve mobile connectivity throughout the world.  

According to SpaceX, six of the twenty-one Starlink satellites that were launched on Tuesday can establish a direct connection with smartphones.According to Starlink's website,   

they are the company's first-ever direct-to-cell satellites and are intended to serve as "a cellphone tower in space."According to SpaceX,  

the satellites will initially be utilized to test the company's Direct to Cell service in the US,   

where it has a partnership with T-Mobile.As long as the phones are 4G LTE-compatible,  

This is all the information you require on the company's Direct-To-Cell service.On January 3, Starlink Internet launched its first Direct-To-Cell satellite. 

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