Weekly Tarot Horoscopes for Each Zodiac Sign for October 2 - 8, 2023

Written By

Sophia Willa

Aries (March 21-April 19) Reversed Ace of Pentacles This week, October 2–8, 2023, you realize you must make a huge financial decision. To attract abundance, you may need to sell an investment or let go of something.

Taurus  (20 April–20 May) Reversed Queen of Swords October 2–8, 2023, may be one of those weeks when you question your love and partner choices.

Gemini May 21–June 20 Reversed Queen of Pentacles This week, October 2–8, 2023, requires patience because you're unsure about a work prospect.

Cancer June 21–July 22 Reversed Moon Tarot Card What you think you can do versus what you can do is tested this week. You are ambitious and strong. 

Leo July 23–August 22 Three Cups Tarot Card Leo, this card is making someone happy this week. It looks like you're the party host if there's fun.

Virgo August 23–September 22 Three of Wands Tarot Though not disappointing, this week reminds us of'same ol''. During the week of October 2–8, 2023, nothing important changes,

Libra September 23–October 22 The Eight of Pentacles Libra, whistle while working. You enjoy working comfortably from October 2–8, 2023. You will have a great chance to learn about your favorite topic. 

Scorpio October 23–November 21 Five of Wands Tarot Keeping it together emotionally will be your top priority from October 2–8, 2023, as your life drama takes over—none of it is yours. 

Sagittarius November 22–December 21 The World Tarot Apparently, your positive affirmations have stirred up the cosmos, as you've been receiving so much of what you've been affirming this week, October 2–8, 2023. 

Capricorn December 22–January 19: Capricorn This card works for you October 2–8, 2023. Choose from various possibilities. You must live with your decision. You'll make the proper choice and feel rewarded for sticking with it. 

Aquarius January 20–February 18 The Five of Pentacles Even if you're financially secure, you may feel poor from October 2-8, 2023. Being asked to spend money on something you don't want to do makes you fear poverty.

Pisces February 19–March 20 Reversed Page of Swords One foolish move makes you ashamed, and while you know you can fix it, you're unhappy with yourself from October 2–8, 2023. 

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