Vibrant Ways to Use Ube

Ube, a purple tuber endemic to the Philippines, has been described as a cultural phenomenon.   

The plant, often known as a yam or sweet potato, is a natural source of food coloring that has gained popularity on social media and in viral  

Paolo Dungca and Tom Cunanan's Tocino Burger at Pogiboy in Washington, D.C. T. Hasegawa USA, a California-based flavor company, named ube their 2024 Flavor of the Year in its annual food  

Here's all you need to know about the ingredient, including where to find it, how to store it, various ube products, and a few recipes for using ube this year, including that purple burger, a cocktail, and two  

This concoction's vibrant purple color comes from ube milk. Justin Ang of The Baldwin Bar in Woburn  

Massachusetts, makes it with silver rum, cacaçha, lime juice, and pineapple juice, and garnishes it with an array of dessert-inspired garnishes.  

These buttery cakes are filled with a creamy, gently sweet ube pastry cream and tart huckleberries, then topped with powdered sugar.  

Timothy Flores and Genie Kwon of Kasama, a Chicago-based modern Filipino bakery and restaurant, are the 2022 F&W Best New Chefs.  

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