Traditional Chicken-and-Dumplings

Though fried chicken is undoubtedly the most well-known chicken dish in the South, traditional chicken and dumplings also have a strong argument. 

Fried chicken is a celebration of poultry in plenty, suitable for sharing by many. 

When one bird needs to feed a large number of people, chicken and dumplings makes the most of the scarce bird. 

The meat itself isn't the highlight of the dish, even though it receives first billing.

People prefer the dumplings, and they have specific preferences for how they are prepared.  

Some prefer thinly rolled pastry strips that are sliced like noodles or free-form and puffy, then put into a simmering pot. 

Some prefer soft dumplings called drop biscuits that float on top of the stew. 

Whatever the form, chicken and dumplings bring together the comforts of home cooking and fundamental, creative Southern cookery in a single bowl. 

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