The star of Stranger Things said the cast is unaware of the Season 5 finale, saying, "I would love a LOTR style...ending." 

While acknowledging that the Stranger Things cast is still in the dark about the season 5 finale, Finn Wolfhard expresses his optimism for it. Since the start of Netflix's popular science fiction series in 2016,  

the actor has played Mike Wheeler, a young adolescent who is drawn into a world of superpowered experiments, conspiracies,  

and otherworldly horrors. The primary plot of Stranger Things will conclude with Season 5, but work on spin-off shows and animated projects has started to broaden the franchise. 

Regarding the present state of development for the fifth season of Stranger Things, Wolfhard spoke candidly with Access Online. Wolfhard has stated that he and the other members of the cast have not yet read the script for the final episode,  

even though filming has been underway for several weeks since January.   

He also expressed his hope that the series will follow the same path as The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, with a definitive conclusion for each character. See below for Wolfhard's response:  

Wolfhard's remarks are consistent with previous responses provided by co-star Milly Bobby Brown of Stranger Things, who disclosed in early March that she had only read a specific amount of scripts at the time and that she anticipated nine months of filming.   

Given that this is one of Netflix's biggest and most watched series, it makes sense that the showrunners, the Duffer Brothers, would go to considerable measures to conceal the story's conclusion. 

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