The Perimenopause Symptoms of Halle Berry Were Misled About Herpes 

Halle Berry recently shared her perimenopause journey at the A Day of Unreasonable Conversation summit. 

Berry recounted her misdiagnosis ordeal during the summit, revealing her symptoms were mistaken for herpes. 

At the event hosted by Propper Daley, Berry discussed women's health and aging alongside Jill Biden. 

Initially, Berry believed she would evade perimenopause symptoms due to her healthy lifestyle. 

Berry humorously mentioned her active sex life with boyfriend Van Hunt, whom she met at 54. 

The Hollywood Reporter covered Berry's candid conversation at the summit. 

Berry's diabetes management since age 20 initially made her believe she wouldn't experience perimenopause symptoms. 

Berry's experience sheds light on the importance of recognizing and understanding perimenopause in women's health.

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