States having the most foxes in America.

The United States is home to five major species of fox. These include the kit fox, grey fox, fast fox, arctic fox, and red fox.

Alaska is mostly home to arctic and red foxes. It is the only state containing arctic foxes, and there are an estimated 110,000 in Canada and Alaska. 


Missouri has both red and gray foxes. Gray foxes have no estimated population size, but they are most common in the Ozarks.


There's no estimate for red foxes in South Carolina. 

South Carolina

Red and gray foxes can be found in Michigan. Neither species has a population estimate, however they are prevalent throughout the state.


Arizona is home to kit foxes, and it may be the state with the most of them. Gray and red foxes can also be found here.


Utah also has three species of foxes. However, the red fox is unquestionably the most abundant.


Both the gray fox and the red fox dwell in North Carolina, but the red fox is likely more abundant; with approximately 13,000 individuals, the gray fox is the sole native species.

North Carolina

Pennsylvania is home to both red and gray foxes. There are approximately 50,000 red foxes in the state.


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