Solid Cast-Iron Skillet Recipes

Cast-iron skillets are an extremely versatile culinary tool, capable of frying eggs, searing steaks, and even cooking brownies.  

In this compilation, we've selected some of our favorite cast iron pan recipes, ranging from a wild mushroom Dutch  

These long-lasting pans may be used for breakfast, dinner, and everything in between; start with our top cast-iron skillet recipes.  

"This is a single-serving recipe, but it can easily be doubled — just use a bigger skillet so you have plenty of room," explains Klancy Miller  

These brownies get a wonderfully smoky flavor on the barbecue after "baking" in a skillet set over hot coals  

After you finish grilling dinner, prepare to bake brownies by adding a few more lumps of charcoal to keep the grill temperature around 350°F.   

Pull the skillet brownies out when they're still somewhat moist in the middle for a fudgy core and smokey brownie "bark" around the edges.  

Grated Swiss cheese and a splash of Dijon mustard add extra savory flavor to this fluffy pancake, while a combination of mixed wild mushrooms, shallot, and arugula finishes it off.  

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