See Lainey Wilson’s songs, EPs, and albums. Most successful songs, charts, and collaboration

Country music rising star Lainey Wilson is noted for her deep voice, heartfelt lyrics, and authentic narrative.   

Wilson's natural talent and unrelenting enthusiasm for music have made her famous in Nashville from her rural Louisiana roots.  

This article examines Lainey Wilson's most successful songs, EPs, albums, chart performances, and collaborations, which helped her become a star.  

The Discography of Lainey Wilson Since entering the country music scene, Lainey Wilson has created poignant songs,   

EPs, and albums that have garnered critical acclaim and a loyal following. See her discography:  

The 2018 self-titled EP “Lainey Wilson” debuted Wilson's deep tone and sincere narration.  

Wilson combined traditional country characteristics with modern flair in songs like “Workin’ Overtime” and “Joe’s”.  

The 2020 EP “Redneck Hollywood” established Wilson's status in country music with hits including “Dirty Looks” and “WWDD.”  

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