Rebel Wilson lost her virginity in her 30s and wants to take the pressure off other 'late bloomers'

Rebel Wilson, in her memoir, revealed she lost her virginity at 35, emphasizing there's no universal timeline for sexual experiences. 

The Pitch Perfect star challenges societal norms by sharing her experience of losing her virginity at 35. 

Wilson's message is clear: there's no rush to have sex, and individuals should wait until they feel ready. 

In her memoir, Rebel Wilson encourages people to wait until they're emotionally mature before engaging in sexual activity. 

Rebel Wilson's revelation about losing her virginity at 35 highlights the importance of personal readiness over societal expectations. 

The actress's memoir advocates for a message of empowerment, urging people not to succumb to pressure regarding the timing of their sexual experiences. 

Wilson's story serves as a reminder that there's no predetermined age to start having sex, emphasizing individual comfort and readiness. 

Rebel Wilson's experience challenges the notion that losing one's virginity must occur during teenage years. 

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