Looking for cheaper Eras Tour tickets? See Taylor Swift at these 10 international cities.

Swifties who want to get tickets to Taylor Swift's massive Eras Tour know that the experience will not be cheap.    

This year, the billionaire will only visit three cities in the United States: Miami, New Orleans, and Indianapolis, and tickets to the popular shows are exorbitantly expensive.   

As of Wednesday afternoon, a single ticket for the Oct. 18 event in Miami cost between $1,615 and $8,524 on StubHub.com.  

So, how else can fans witness one of the world's most famous singers? Go overseas.  

According to travel company Islands.com, searches for 'Taylor Swift Europe tour 2024 tickets' have surged by 300% in the United States over the last 30 days, demonstrating that some fans are willing to go vast distances to see the massively popular performer live.  

Concertgoers who travel to Europe for their Swift experience may ultimately save more money. Not only are ticket prices lower across the pond, but many European towns, such as Warsaw and Lisbon, are also affordable, with low-cost food and lodging.   

To find the most economical Eras Tour destinations, Islands.com researchers evaluated the cost of a two-night trip, which included one cheap ticket from StubHub.com, two nights at a four-star hotel, six inexpensive meals, two five-mile cab journeys, and one domestic beer.  

With safety in the forefront of passengers' considerations, the researchers also considered the city's safety rating out of 100.  

To be extra safe, the State Department recommends that visitors register with the US embassy in the nation they're visiting whenever they travel abroad. This can be done at step.state.gov.  

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