Kylie Jenner Regrets Cosmetic Surgery—Including Breasts

Kylie Jenner regrets getting breast surgery before having Stormi, admitting she wishes she never did it. 

She advises others to wait until after having children to consider cosmetic surgery. 

Jenner's second child, Aire, was recently born, prompting self-reflection on her own surgeries. 

Having grown up in the public eye, she experienced her young adulthood in the limelight. 

Reflecting on her kids, Jenner expresses concern about Stormi wanting cosmetic surgeries at 19, like she did. 

The emotional revelation took place during the finale of The Kardashians. 

Jenner's regret shows a more vulnerable side of the typically confident Kylie Cosmetics mogul. 

The experience of motherhood has brought significant personal growth and maturity for Jenner.

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