Squid (오징어) is inexpensive and easy to obtain in Korea. Perhaps this is why there are so many squid dishes in Korean cuisine.

One of my favorite and most popular ways to enjoy Korean squid is to make a spicy squid rice bowl. This is known as Ojingeo Deopbap (오징어 덮��) in Korean.

Essentially, it is a stir-fried squid dish served over rice. Squid rings are wrapped in a spicy and flavorful sauce, which is just fantastic! The squid is also cooked with veggies, adding a lovely crisp texture to the overall meal.

This combination also yields a generous amount of sauce, which may be mixed with your rice. It's addictive, and it's also really simple and quick to prepare,

making it ideal for a weekday supper!I used to think that calamari was just another fancy word for squid. While some may agree with this, others believe there are some variances.

While calamari is a form of squid, it appears to be smaller, tenderer, and more expensive.

However, many culinary experts and fishmongers argue that their differences are minor.

Anyway, if you're interested in this contrast, you may learn more about it in these publications.

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