Josh Lucas of Yellowstone Considers Playing Young Kevin Costner in a Spinoff

Kevin Costner's departure from Yellowstone's Season 5 and the subsequent announcement of the series ending stirred up speculation. 

Spinoffs within the Dutton-verse are in the works, potentially featuring a younger John Dutton portrayed by Josh Lucas. 

Lucas expressed eagerness to explore John Dutton's earlier years in a spinoff during an interview with ET. 

Taylor Sheridan hinted at John Dutton's story continuing, possibly through flashbacks. 

CinemaBlend's Riley Utley speculated on how the series could proceed without Costner, suggesting a focus on Josh Lucas's character. 

The exact number of remaining episodes and their release schedule for Season 5 remain uncertain, with conflicting reports from cast members. 

The final episodes of Season 5 are now slated to air in November 2024, after initially being planned for Summer 2023. 

Viewers can catch up on Yellowstone episodes on Peacock and Taylor Sheridan's other projects on Paramount+, while keeping an eye on the 2024 TV schedule for premieres. 

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