John Wick 5: Everything we know so far

John Wick is an action series that keeps providing. When the titular hero believes he's finished

, some more evil guys require an ass-kicking, and he's more than delighted to do it.

The first film's grief-fueled rampage introduced us to the custom-governed and interesting world of The Continental and the High Table.

Wick's tragic story also sparked the Keanussaince, producing some of the best action films of the twenty-first century.

 John Wick 4 concluded on a very gloomy note, therefore (spoilers ahead), let's go into how new movies will operate.

In November 2023, John Wick producer Basil Iwanyk gave Screen Rant an optimistic update, saying,

If there is another John Wick movie, which I believe there will be, we don't know what it is yet, but I believe."

On November 11, 2023, Lionsgate Motion Picture Group Chair Joe Drake stated during an earnings call,

On the Wick side, we got many spin-offs and a Wick Five. We started working on it exactly when the writer's strike began, and we resumed work as soon as it finished."

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