Is Tom Hanks's character in '1883' based on a real person? 

Tom Hanks surprises in Taylor Sheridan's "1883" as General George Meade in a Civil War flashback, showcasing his remarkable performance. 

General George Meade, known for his victory at Gettysburg, is portrayed by Hanks in a departure from his historical temperament. 

Taylor Sheridan, known for integrating historical figures, includes Meade alongside characters like Goodnight and Courtright in "1883." 

Hanks' portrayal of Meade adds depth to Sheridan's depiction of the Civil War era. 

Hanks' unexpected appearance as Meade highlights the show's commitment to authenticity. 

Sheridan's penchant for historical accuracy shines through in Hanks' portrayal of Meade. 

Hanks brings Meade to life in a memorable cameo in "1883."

Sheridan's inclusion of Meade enriches the narrative of "1883" with historical significance. 

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