From the Politics Desk: Three major challenges Trump confronts in regaining Wisconsin.

Welcome to the web edition of From the Politics Desk, an evening email featuring the NBC News Politics  

Team's most recent reporting and commentary from the campaign trail, the White House, and Capitol Hill.  

In today's program, national political correspondent Steve Kornacki discusses Donald Trump's issues in Wisconsin, as he returns to the state.   

Plus, NBC News has new reporting on how the GOP's mail-in voting campaign continues running into the same stumbling block: the former president.  

Donald Trump is in Wisconsin today for a rally that overlaps with the state's presidential primary but is billed  

Campaign as the start of its general election campaign in one of 2024's key battlegrounds.  

Wisconsin, along with Michigan and Pennsylvania, was one of three Big Ten states that switched to Trump in 2016 after decades of voting Democratic.   

All three rejoined the Democratic Party in 2020, effectively ending Trump's re-election bid.  

Wisconsin may be Trump's greatest opportunity of regaining ground. Joe Biden's margin of victory in the state was only 20,682 votes (or 0.6%)  

If Trump can reclaim Wisconsin, he will be able to take the presidency by overcoming narrow defeats in Arizona (10,457 votes) and Georgia (11,779 votes).  

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