Learn how to prepare dried pollack soup (bugeoguk). This lesser-known Korean soup dish is notable for its refreshing taste, concentrated flavor, and chewy texture from dried pollack. It is also a common hangover treatment in Korea.

Dried pollack is a traditional Korean dish made from pollack fish (also known as pollock). Bugeo (북어) and hwangtae (황태) are names used in Korean cuisine to describe it, although they are not interchangeable.

Bugeo" refers to pollack that is briefly dried by a sea breeze, whereas "Hwangtae" refers to pollack dried by a mountain breeze. 

This unique drying environment entails the fish going through natural freezing and thawing cycles during dry winter,

which allows for slow drying, resulting in a chewy and spongy texture with a concentrated flavor when rehydrated. This procedure is also known to give hwangtae golden flesh.

Dried pollack is a staple in many Korean households because of its flexibility. It can be added to soups, side meals, or eaten plain as a sipping snack.In terms of storage,

I've discovered that putting it in the freezer helps to keep it fresh and avoids any unpleasant shocks.

Dried pollack soup, or Bugeo-Guk (북어국), is a savory meal made with dried pollack. Its flavor profile is enhanced by the addition of soybean sprouts and radish, which contribute a crisp, refreshing taste.

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