'Cowboy Carter': Country crossover performers praise the second act of Beyoncé's album trilogy.

On Friday, the Houston-born diva released her eighth studio album, "Cowboy Carter," the second installment in an album trilogy devised during the COVID-19 lockdown.   

The first act, 2022's "Renaissance," delves into the buried Black and queer roots of house music, but it was not intended to precede her genre-defying plunge into country music.  

Originally, the 42-year-old singer planned to release "Cowboy Carter" before "Renaissance."   

However, she altered the order because "there was too much heaviness in the world," she stated in a press release. "We wanted to dance." "We deserved to dance."  

With the release of "Cowboy Carter," labeled as a "multi-genre nod to Americana country culture  

Came a chorus of praise from conventional country and country crossover singers, including some who appear on the album

Miley Cyrus, who collaborated on the guitar ballad "II Most Wanted," paid tribute to the 32-time Grammy winner in an Instagram post Friday.  

"I've loved Beyoncé since long before I had the opportunity to meet & work with her," Cyrus said in a statement.   

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