Climate Change Disrupts Animal Brains. This is how

Earth's living habitats are changing due to human activity. Many animal species face changing ecosystems due to rising temperatures,

rapid rainfall and seasonality changes, and ocean acidification. How do animals handle these harsh conditions?

The neural systems of animals enable and limit their climate adaptation. As a biologist and neurologist, I study how animals adapt to temperature extremes and the factors that create their nervous systems, 

especially brains. These interests lead me to study how climate affects neural systems and how animals will adapt to rapid environmental change.

Sense detection, mental processing, and behavior direction are all important nervous system processes. 

They help animals navigate their environs for survival and reproduction. These functions will certainly worsen due to climate change.

Changing temperatures shift the energy balance of ecosystems from plants that produce energy from sunlight to animals that eat plants and other animals, altering animal sensory worlds. 

Climate change may impact their perceptions of sight, taste, smell, and touch.

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