Chargers' Jim Harbaugh lives in RV on trip to California

Los Angeles Chargers head coach Jim Harbaugh is adjusting to RV life after a garage sale and settling in Southern California.

Harbaugh told reporters at the NFL's annual meeting in Florida that he's lived in an RV since leaving Michigan.

"It’s been great," he told "Being myself. I always wanted that. It worked well. I'm 100 feet from Greg Roman's amazing RV."

Greg Roman became Harbaugh's offensive coordinator.

From 2019 until 2022, he was his brother John's Baltimore Ravens offensive coordinator.

"Not as fancy," he said. His Ford Motorcoach hits me perfectly. It was great. It's been great. 

Returning there helps me think. Just great."He said his family joined him for the Orlando meetings and will move into their rented house in California afterward.

After Brandon Staley was fired at the conclusion of 2023, Harbaugh became Chargers coach earlier this year. 

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