"Captain Planet": Damian Lillard Calls Out Stephen A. Smith's Outrageous Take on Bucks Needing to Trade Him Away

Stephen A. Smith recently suggested the Milwaukee Bucks trade Damian Lillard. The latter capped the sports analyst after the ridiculous take, causing postseason issues.   

On the latest episode of ‘ESPN’s NBA Countdown,’ Smith criticized the Bucks guard. He discussed Wisconsin's troubles before picking the Indiana Pacers to win the first round.  

Soon after, the sports announcer made wild predictions regarding Lillard's future while criticizing him.  

The comments split the NBA before Dame noticed. The 33-year-old took matters into his own hands to end the controversy. The 8x All-Star responded with “Captain planet,” calling out the analyst.  

Even though the athlete had no plans to leave the Bucks, his statements suggested Smith had been spreading lies (‘cap’) about him.  

Complex dynamics will put pressure on Lillard during the playoffs. With him showing desire in staying with the franchise, fans wait for a memorable performance to win.  

Dame described his Bucks life since the season began before the All-Star break. In an interview with Sports Illustrated, the 6'2" star acknowledged his struggle to acclimate to team and city changes.   

He frankly described the trade's negative effects on his personal life.  

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