Billie Eilish and Taylor Swift's Best Moments From 2014 to Now  

Billie Eilish and Taylor Swift are two of the most powerful names in the music world, and there's never been a feud between them.   

In truth, Eilish and Swift have a long history, dating back to Eilish's adolescence as an admirer of the burgeoning pop phenomenon.  

Over the years, the two performers have had several pleasant experiences, including one in 2019 when they frequently swapped compliments at the Billboard Women in Music Awards.  

Although some fans created drama between the two in March (see: Swifties overreacted when Eilish mentioned working toward a more eco-friendly music industry)  

Eilish and Swift have a long history of friendship to debunk any claims of a schism.  

Below is a look back at Eilish and Swift's encounters over the years.  

When Swift earned Billboard's Woman of the Year award in 2014, she mentioned looking out for future musicians.  

"I really just feel like we need to continue to try and offer something to a younger generation of musicians," Swift told Rolling Stone at the time.  

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