An 'excellent' country album has been complimented for the singer Beyoncé. Carter, "Cowboy"

Beyoncé's eighth studio album, lauded by critics, showcases her versatility and impact on the country music scene. 

Critics praise Beyoncé's genre-bending abilities, with some suggesting the album could have been split into two. 

Despite its length, "Cowboy Carter" receives acclaim for its Western epic feel and celebration of Southern values. 

Reviewers highlight Beyoncé's unique take on country music, blending in hip hop and opera influences. 

The album's success is evidenced by hit singles like "Texas Hold 'Em" and "16 Carriages," propelling Beyoncé to the top of both US and UK charts. 

Beyoncé's exploration of country music stems from feeling unwelcome, driving her to delve into its history. 

Fans receive gratitude from Beyoncé for their support leading up to the album's release. 

The album's meticulous craftsmanship is acknowledged by critics, cementing Beyoncé's place in the country music landscape. 

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