Alisha Lehmann tops the female soccer influencer list. Her postage rate?

The well-known football player Alisha Lehmann is praised for both her on-field abilities and her active participation on social media. 

She's done a remarkable thing by surpassing Roger Federer to become the most well-known Swiss sports star on Twitter. 

She has more followers and gets paid more each post.

Lehmann has surpassed even Alex Morgan to become the top Instagram influencer in women's soccer, with the ability to make up to $300,000 each social media post.

This successful athlete, who has partnered with many businesses, has a whopping 75% gain in followers over the last year, according to Nielsen InfluenceScope.

On Instagram alone, she already has over 15 million followers.

Alisha plays striker for the English team Aston Villa and has been a mainstay on her country's squad since 2017.

In 2017, she made headlines for Switzerland at the Women's World Cup in Australia.

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