Alessandro Michele is the new creative director at Valentino. 

One week post Piccioli's exit, Valentino names Alessandro Michele as new creative director, marking his debut role since leaving Gucci in 2022. 

Alessandro Michele appointed as Valentino's new creative head, succeeding Piccioli and bringing his two-decade expertise from Gucci. 

Michele expresses honor and excitement for his new role at Valentino, acknowledging the immense responsibility attached. 

Valentino announces Alessandro Michele as its new creative director following Piccioli's departure, marking Michele's fresh start after Gucci. 

Alessandro Michele set to take the reins at Valentino, expressing both joy and responsibility for the new role. 

Valentino's new creative director, Alessandro Michele, gears up for his first day on April 2, following his departure from Gucci. 

After leaving Gucci in 2022, Alessandro Michele embarks on his new journey as Valentino's creative director, emphasizing the honor and duty. 

Valentino appoints Alessandro Michele as its creative chief, marking his inaugural role post-Gucci and expressing eagerness for the upcoming challenge. 

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