Ahead of Season 5, Stranger Things and Netflix have increased their efforts to fill the 2-year-old Will Byers plot hole. 

A Will Byers narrative hole from season 4 was reinforced in the most recent Stranger Things season 5 teaser released by Netflix, suggesting that one particular detail won't be revealed as originally stated.   

The entire plot of Stranger Things has been well mapped out, so by the time it reaches its season finale, there aren't many loose ends to fill.  

While certain Stranger Things plot holes and retcons have been addressed throughout the series, it appears Netflix will not go back and correct one of the most obvious mistakes with Noah Schnapp's Will Byers. 

Although Will Byers was the main focus of the Upside Down-related mystery at the beginning of the show, it has been observed that his attention has waned in later seasons. After taking center stage in season 2,   

Will was mainly absent from Stranger Things season 3. His season 4 narrative focused mostly on his sexual sentiments toward Mike Wheeler, which led to criticism that the program was failing Will.   

Stranger Things season 5 is giving Will a more prominent role and a better haircut, which addresses two long-standing criticisms. However,  

it doesn't appear like the show will close the depressing story hole from season 4. 

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