After a $714 million letdown, the conclusion of Fast & Furious 11 makes more sense.  

The long-running series will conclude with Fast & Furious 11, and given the recent pattern of diminishing box office receipts and unimpressive reviews from both reviewers and fans,  

it's probably better to call it quits. Vin Diesel, the star of Fast & Furious, recently revealed on Instagram that the Fast & Furious franchise,   

which made its debut in 2001, will come to an end with Fast & Furious 11. Even if the announcement may come as a surprise, there are a few reasons why it makes sense to end the franchise after Fast & Furious 11.  

There are few plot information available for Fast & Furious 11, but the film is already progressing with its development, with an estimated release date of April 4, 2025.  

Even though Fast & Furious 11 is expected to be the last film in the main series, Diesel and Universal Pictures can still carry on the franchise's heritage with spin-offs that include both new and returning characters.   

Examining current developments in the series' history, the choice to end the series makes a lot of sense, even though the global phenomenon has finally ran out of steam.  

Action movie history is coming to an end with Diesel and Universal Pictures bringing the adventures of Dominic Toretto and his motley crew to a close, even if Fast & Furious 11 promises a lot of exciting new experiences.  

Although Diesel previously hinted at a Fast & Furious 12 film, the most recent changes essentially rule out such a possibility. Diesel's earlier statement about the future of the series is intriguing because Fast & Furious 12 was originally intended to be the first of three parts that would have undoubtedly stretched the franchise's conclusion too far.  

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