After 30 years at Warwick Castle, Ernie the owl will retire.

Warwick Castle bids farewell to Ernie, an African Verreaux’s eagle owl after 30 years. 

Ernie delighted guests with his soaring flights around the castle's turrets twice a day. 

He's flown about 20,000 times and starred in Falconer’s Quest, UK’s largest bird of prey show. 

Ernie's final flight over Warwick Castle was scheduled during the Easter holidays. 

Hawk Experience organises bird handling displays; Ernie to retire to Yorkshire Dales. 

Liam Bartlett, Warwick Castle's general manager, praises Ernie's big personality. 

Verreaux’s eagle owl, with a 165 cm wingspan, known for its pink eyelids, the largest owl in Africa. 

Ernie’s freestyle shows endeared him to Warwick Castle visitors; his retirement marks the end of an era. 

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