Aaron Rodgers observed undergoing a tough exercise to get in shape for Jets comeback.  

Aaron Rodgers will do everything it takes to be back in form for the Jets, regardless of his old college rivalry.    

Photos and video acquired by The Post show the 40-year-old quarterback doing steps and working out with members of the USC football team in a Los Angeles neighborhood.  

Wearing sunglasses and what looked to be white compression tights underneath his blue shorts,   

Rodgers encouraged others to push through the workout with fist bumps and applauding before sitting on the curb for a water break and stretching his body with a hand on his right knee.  

Rodgers, who played college football at California, is recovering from a torn Achilles tendon in his left leg sustained in the first few minutes of his first game with the Jets on September 11.  

The four-time NFL MVP practiced on a limited basis in late December and early January, but the Jets' failure to remain in the postseason race dashed Rodgers' rehab-defying plan to play in games again before the end of the regular season, as the team finished 7-10.  

The Jets' voluntary phase of their offseason program begins Monday, and it is unclear whether Rodgers will be in attendance. The initial two-week phase focuses on strength and conditioning activities as well as meetings.  

Rodgers was a frequent attendee during last spring's voluntary program, but this may be attributed to his desire to meet new teammates and develop a leadership presence. He wasn't a regular late in his 18-year career with the Packers.  

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