1883 fans spot major clue that Elsa Dutton will survive dramatic season one finale

Fans of 1883 were moved to tears when they watched this week's penultimate episode of the Yellowstone prequel series.

The episode featured actress Isabel May's character, Elsa Dutton, who was shot with an arrow after getting into a fight with some Native

Americans.Nevertheless, after spotting a crucial clue that pertains to her fate, 

some viewers are certain she will survive the series finale. One fan gave the following explanation on Reddit: "John Dutton claims in Yellowstone that every Dutton who has passed away since 1886 i

buried on the ranch. James Dutton states in 1883 that "they will stay where Elsa dies."

As viewers of both programs are already aware, the Dutton ranch was not formally established until 1886. 

The fact that the events of 1883 take place in, you guessed it, 1883, indicates that James, Margaret,

and Elsa will still need to live nomadic for a few more years before they locate a place among the Montana mountains that they will eventually call home.

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