Warriors’ Chris Paul fractures hand; surgery set for next week.

This is San Francisco. According to the announcement made by the Golden State Warriors on Friday night, guard Chris Paul suffered a fracture to his left hand and would be undergoing surgery the next week. When the Warriors were winning their game against the Detroit Pistons by a score of 113-109, Paul received the injury in the middle of the third quarter. Although Paul was attempting to retrieve a long rebound after a failed three-point shot, his hand made unfortunate contact with Jaden Ivey of Detroit. This occurred with 6 minutes and six seconds remaining in the third quarter.

Injury Report: Warriors' Chris Paul suffers fractured left hand vs. Pistons, set to have surgery

After immediately beginning to grip at and flex his hand, Paul went back to the locker room to continue his hand flexing. Even though there is no set schedule for his return, it is anticipated that he will be returning within this season. “That is challenging,” the coach, Steve Kerr, remarked. “I have a lot of sympathy for Chris. At the very least, I am aware that he has undergone a couple of hand surgeries in the past, possibly on the other hand. Instantaneously, I became concerned when I saw him holding it. The word was just received after I had gotten up from the floor.

Warriors' Chris Paul fractures left hand, will undergo surgery: Who will fill his minutes? - The Athletic

Consequently, I feel awful for Chris, and it is common knowledge that other players will step up and be ready to compete. In the absence of him, we are going to have to secure the fort. Paul has a long history of injuries, 11 of which were hand injuries, five to his left hand and six to his right hand. After 19 years of service, Paul has a significant history of injuries. There have been four surgeries performed on his hand or wrist, the most recent of which was performed on his left wrist following his play in the NBA Finals with the Phoenix Suns in 2021.

It’s just that I feel sorry for him. According to Stephen Curry, “I am aware that he has been through some hand stuff throughout his career.” “We are trying to find a groove as a team … and he’s been such a huge part of that.” In 27.6 minutes a game, Paul is responsible for an average of 8.9 points, a field goal shooting percentage of 42.4%, and 7.2 assists. During the current NBA season, he has won three games with a total of ten assists and zero turnovers, which is the second-most in the league, behind only Tyrese Haliburton of Indiana. Following his role as the anchor for the second unit, Paul has started the last four games they have played.

Warriors' Chris Paul to undergo surgery for fractured left hand

During the time that Draymond Green is serving his indefinite ban, the move was made in an effort to assist in getting Curry off the ball more, which has become an extremely important factor. I have the ability to adapt to whatever is going on in the world, particularly over the course of the past two years or so. I am aware that this presents yet another problem, as we will be switching to a new lineup now that CP is not available,” Curry remarked.

“I’ve got to be able to make the adjustments, Klay’s got to do the same, for us to continue to be aggressive.” Paul’s ability to manage the ball and make plays will be the aspect that the Warriors miss the most. When Paul is on the court, the Warriors have a turnover percentage of 13.2%, which places them tenth at the highest level in the NBA. This increases to 16.2% while he is not out on the floor, which is the lowest percentage.

Warriors' Chris Paul Suffers Broken Hand in Win Over Pistons

During this season, his assist-to-turnover ratio of 6.1 is the second-best in the league, trailing only Tyus Jones’s ratio. “He’s such a cerebral player,” Curry said about the guy. He is able to control the game and get us organized all at the same time. We went through a period in which we had some difficult beginnings. Obviously, this is due to the fact that Draymond is not available, as well as the fact that our crew appears to be struggling to operate our system. It is a wonderful complement to that flow that CP is ”

A left hamstring strain will keep guard Gary Payton II out of action for an indeterminate period of time, which means the Warriors are also without him. Now, Brandon Podziemski and Cory Joseph will be relied upon more than ever before by the Warriors. As of the 30th of December, Podziemski was a member of that group before Paul was promoted to the starting lineup. Moses Moody, who has been out of the rotation for the past six games, will also have more opportunities to play as a result of Paul’s absence. Moody had been labeled as a “DNP” for the previous three games before to his involvement in the fifth game versus Detroit.

“Everybody has got to step up a little bit,” Podziemski said. “Too little, too late.” “Just like it did tonight, it is going to need a concerted effort from everyone involved. In the third and fourth quarters, Cory and Moses provided us with a significant boost, and it was primarily because of their efforts that we were able to maintain our lead during that stretch. The Related Video

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