Travis Kelce’s Chef Discusses Chiefs Star’s Diet; TE Eats Over 4,000 Calories on Game Days

Now, you may have to join him in eating. The Kansas City Chiefs tight end, Kelce, has been friends with Kumar Ferguson since infancy, and he is now served as his chef. Ferguson and the job that he does for the National Football League star, who consumes more than 4,000 calories on game and practice days, were the subjects of an article written by Tyler Shane of Kansas City magazine.

“Growing up, I would cook for all the bros after we’d be hanging out all day,” according to Ferguson. This gathering place at the kitchen table has always served as a focal point for all of us. That tradition is something that we have unquestionably carried with us.

As Shane pointed out, Kelce called his pal in 2016 to enhance his nutritional intake. The statement was made by Ferguson, who had previously worked as a truck driver and had not worked as a professional chef. “I flew out four days later, and we haven’t looked back since,” Ferguson added.

Travis Kelce’s Chef Discusses Chiefs Star’s Diet; TE Eats Over 4,000 Calories on Game Days

Since 2016, Kelce has been selected for the Pro Bowl on an annual basis, demonstrating that the cooperation has resulted in positive outcomes. As the champions of the AFC West, his Chiefs have also won two Super Bowls and came close to winning another one. Additionally, they can play for the Lombardi Trophy once more this season.

“Being brothers is funny because we can throw shots at each other all day, but Travis is incredible when it comes to professionalism and just being on top of taking whatever he’s investing into,” according to Ferguson. “The communication has been open from the jump.”

The Wild Card Round game between the Chiefs and the Miami Dolphins will take place on Saturday at 8 p.m. Eastern Time, which means that Kelce will have plenty of time to consume his 4,000 calories before the game begins.

Travis Kelce’s Chef Discusses Chiefs Star’s Diet; TE Eats Over 4,000 Calories on Game Days

On game days, Travis Kelce, the tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, is said to ingest more than 4,000 calories, as stated in a recent story published on Bleacher Report1. Kumar Ferguson, who serves as Kelce’s personal chef, disclosed that the majority of Kelce’s diet consists of chicken, chops, and steaks23. Kelce’s favorite dishes include Hawaiian heat wings2 and deep-fried Australian lobster tails. Other favorites include Hawaiian heat wings2.

It is not suggested that the majority of individuals consume 4,000 calories in a single day. This is an important point to keep in mind. It is estimated that the average adult male needs approximately 2,500 calories per day, whereas the average adult female needs approximately 2,000 calories per day when they are adults.

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