Travis and Jason Kelce jokingly congratulate Taylor Swift on’making the Super Bowl in her debut year’

Because Taylor Swift is still in a relationship with the Kansas City Chiefs tight end, Travis and Jason Kelce have comically expressed their enthusiasm for her achievement of making it to the Super Bowl. During the most recent episode of their New Heights podcast, which was released a few days after the Chiefs won the AFC championship game and proceeded to the Super Bowl, the two NFL stars expressed their admiration for the artist who had won a Grammy Award.

It is noteworthy that Taylor Swift, who is dating Travis, was there at the game that took place on January 28. She even made an appearance on the field after the game to offer her congratulations to him on his victory. In the episode titled “New Heights,” the hosts of the podcast expressed their gratitude to Swift for her support of the Chiefs, citing the fact that she had attended twelve of the Chiefs’ games since she began her relationship with Travis.

Travis and Jason Kelce jokingly congratulate Taylor Swift on'making the Super Bowl in her debut year'
Travis and Jason Kelce jokingly congratulate Taylor Swift on making the Super Bowl in her debut year

They also made jokes about Taylor Swift’s decision to join the team and the success she has experienced since she made the decision. Before his brother laughed in response, Jason remarked, “Also shout out to the newest member of the Chiefs Kingdom, Taylor Swift, who has officially reached the Super Bowl in her rookie year.” Taylor Swift is the first player in Chiefs history to make it to the Super Bowl. Travis then responded with a humorously agreeable response to the statement made by the Philadelphia Eagles player, saying, “Yeah, shoutout to Tay; thanks for joining the team.”

Travis and Jason Kelce joke about Taylor Swift’s Super Bowl appearance.

Fans are wondering if Taylor Swift will be present at the Super Bowl, which will take place in Las Vegas on February 11 and will feature a matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers. Swift has not yet announced whether or not she will be present at the game. For more particular reasons, Swifties is curious about whether or not she will be able to make it to the game in time because she will be performing at one of her Eras Tour performances in Tokyo, Japan, on February 10th.

On the other hand, some rumors assert Taylor Swift will be able to attend the Super Bowl because of the time difference that exists between Tokyo and Las Vegas. The big game will begin at 6:30 p.m. Eastern Time (ET), and Tokyo is 17 hours ahead of Las Vegas in terms of time zone. It is expected that she will depart Japan at approximately midnight, and then she will arrive in Las Vegas for the football game at approximately eight to ten o’clock on Saturday evening. This would provide her with a little less than twenty-four hours before the game begins.

Taylor Swift

Since September 2023, the singer known for her hit “Cruel Summer” has been attending her boyfriend’s games to show her support. They even experienced a lovely moment on the field at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore earlier this week, where Travis revealed that he has more than one nickname for his fiancée. The moment took place earlier this week. They are shown hugging and kissing in a video that was uploaded on X, which was formerly known as Twitter. In the video, he can be heard asking the Grammy winner, “What’s up, sweetie?” the entire time they are together.

Additionally, the singer was awestruck by the events that transpired throughout the game, as evidenced by the fact that she could be heard responding, “That was insane.” It’s hard for me to digest.” Taylor Swift not only told Travis that she had “never seen [him] like that,” where she was alluding to his time spent on the field, but she also murmured “I love you” in his ear.

One of the topics that Jason and Travis discussed in the most recent episode of New Heights was an interaction that Andy Reid, the coach of the Kansas City Chiefs, had with Taylor Swift, the singer of “All Too Well,” after the Chiefs won the AFC Championship. Jason mentioned a particular instance in which Reid was on stage after the victory and appeared to be pointing at Swift, whom he had met a long time before Travis did.

After saying, “This was the great photo tweeted out of Big Red showing a little love to Taylor up on the stage, they’re pointing at each other,” Travis interrupted him to describe what Reid and Swift could have been thinking to each other during the exchange. “This was the great photo,” he concluded.

Taylor Swift

“Baby, we are going to spend the Super Bowl together. “We’re going to the Bowl, we did it,” he stated, referring to the moment when the two individuals were thinking about going to the Bowl. “We have already discussed the fact that they are somewhat familiar with one another from their time in Philadelphia,”
In addition to adding that Reid and Taylor Swift’s father, Scott Swift, are friends, Travis continued to compliment the coach on the lovely way in which he interacted with his girlfriend.

After the event, he remarked, “That was a cool moment to see afterward.” Because I was on stage yelling, “Fight for your rights,” I was unable to witness it; yet, I must say that it was a really impressive performance.

Travis Swift and Taylor Swift began their romance in July 2023, when the NFL player admitted on his podcast that he attempted to offer the singer his phone number during one of Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour gigs but was unsuccessful. This event marked the beginning of their relationship. After a few months had passed, Swift disclosed that she had been the one to initiate the next step, given that she had heard his remarks about wanting to see her.


Taylor Swift
During the month of December, when she was being honored as the Person of the Year by Time magazine, she stated, “This all started when Travis very adorably put me on blast on his podcast, which I thought was metal as hell.” Following that, we immediately began to hang out together. We were able to spend a considerable amount of time together without anyone being aware of it, which is something I am thankful for because it allowed us to get to know each other better.

She went on to say that she and Travis had already been together by the time she made her first appearance at a Chiefs game in September, even though there had been persistent rumors about her relationship status at that time.  When I went to that first game, we had already become a relationship by that point. Some people believe that they witnessed our first date at that game, don’t they? She stated that we would never be psychologically unstable enough to force ourselves to go on a first date.

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