Tom Brady’s $11,500,000 Miami mansion takes shape with NFL icon set to move to Creek Island

As a result of his retirement from the National Football League (NFL) a year ago, Tom Brady has developed a greater appreciation for the more refined aspects of his life. This 46-year-old individual has more spare time and will be spending more time at home. A residence that is suitable for the seven-time winner of the Super Bowl must be nothing less than enormous.

He is getting close to finishing his mansion in the Creek Island neighborhood of Miami, which cost him $11.5 million. It has been about three years since the Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen and the land on which the home is being constructed were purchased together for a total of seventeen million dollars. After thirteen years of marriage, Brady and Bundchen decided to end their union in October of 2022.

Tom Brady's $11,500,000 Miami mansion takes shape with NFL icon set to move to Creek Island
Tom Brady’s $11,500,000 Miami mansion takes shape with NFL icon set to move to Creek Island

The portion of the mansion that is dedicated to the garden is beginning to take shape, with a number of palm trees and a large lawn that has been put out, along with a swimming pool near the water. In addition, his new house is going to have its own basketball court, which appears to be in the beginning stages of being finished. A multi-car garage will be located on the land, and it will be accessible via a driveway that is bordered by trees.

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A golf course may be found behind the mansion, which is situated immediately in front of the water. A thirteen-person private police unit is in charge of protecting it, according to the sources. It is anticipated that Jeff Bezos, the executive chairman of Amazon, and Ivanka Trump, the eldest daughter of former President Donald Trump, will serve as some of his new neighbors in Miami.

Following the conclusion of his marriage to Bundchen, Brady moved into a luxurious condominium in Florida the previous year. A price of $15.9 million has been set for the condominium home. It was in November 2022 when the three-time NFL Most Valuable Player moved into the condo, which had three bedrooms and five bathrooms.

Tom Brady's $11,500,000 Miami mansion takes shape with NFL icon set to move to Creek Island
Tom Brady’s $11,500,000 Miami mansion takes shape with NFL icon set to move to Creek Island

In the upscale Fendi Chateau Residences tower in Surfside, Florida, the condominium is located on the ninth story of the building. It was a drop in the bucket for Tom Brady to pay sixty thousand dollars per month while he was residing there, considering that he made thirty million dollars in 2022, which was his last year with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

In the year 2024, Tom Brady will be dressed in a new uniform, if you will. The former player, who was selected to the Pro Bowl 15 times, is a fan favorite, but it is highly improbable that he would ever play again. During the current season, the renowned quarterback will be switching from a helmet to a pair of headsets.

During the 2024 NFL season, Tom Brady will join Kevin Burkhardt as the top broadcasting tandem for the National Football League on Fox Sports. In May 2022, he signed a contract worth $375 million over ten years. He skipped out on this season in order to get ready for the following one.

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