The Top 5 Starbucks Secret Menu Holiday Drinks

At this point, the day that Starbucks holiday beverages go on sale might as well be a national holiday. The Everygirl crew always celebrates huge news, and we all weigh in on the latest beverages they’ve added, the classic cup designs, the menu items that are kept under wraps, and what each person is ordering for their first of many Christmas Starbucks drinks this year.

We’ve taken it upon ourselves to provide our thorough ranking of each drink, carrying on the tradition that began with our ranking of the Starbucks autumn beverages. Since you all enjoyed our previous year’s rankings and we enjoyed creating them, it was only natural for us to turn it into an official series.

15 Starbucks Secret Menu Holiday Drinks, Ranked

We have made a few small adjustments to the ranking procedure and have gained some important insights over this series. First and foremost, we opted to have them delivered rather than walk through the frigid streets of Chicago while carrying over ten beverages. (Don’t worry, delivery drivers’ jobs are made easier; they carefully wrap them all in a bag.) Second, in order to really experience the beverages as intended, we ordered each drink precisely as it was listed on the menu (with the exception of a few “secret menu” drinks that you’ll see below).

We used six certified taste testers for this round, and each taster may earn up to 10 points per drink by rating each one on a scale of 1 to 5 for “overall flavour” and “probability to get again.” As a result, a drink can earn up to 60 points. Now, prepare to be amazed as we present The Everygirl’s official ranking of every Starbucks holiday drink, arranged from worst to best:

Starbucks is introducing its holiday beverages into their new Oleato menu this year. Unfortunately, our taste testers gave this Oleato Gingerbread Oatmilk Latte a resounding “no,” so we’re not quite sold on this decision. This poor rating was caused by two factors: To begin with, a number of our taste testers reported that this drink tasted nothing like gingerbread. Second, significantly more people concurred that the flavour is more akin to hot, sweet milk than it is to coffee. One taster put it this way: “No one seems delighted sipping this drink.”

We’ll be the first to confess it: We made a mistake choosing this hidden menu item. The flavours of peppermint and chai just don’t go well together. Our taste testers described it as tasting like liquid cinnamon gum, like the dentist, and as something that shouldn’t be there. This Christmas season, if you’re going to have a chai from Starbucks, we suggest staying on the official menu.

The problem with this item on the Starbucks holiday menu is this: It’s good, but you have to change it to make it something that’s truly pleasurable. With the standard four pumps of Sugar Cookie Syrup in a Grande, we all felt it was much too sweet (and that was especially.

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Alright, this latte is far from awful. It’s simply that among Christmas cocktails, this one didn’t seem that merry. It tastes just like a regular caramel latte, which is available all year round. It was described as “boring” and “forgettable” during the taste test, which is really really harsh. I apologise for this latte!Its lack of flavour was the primary factor in this frap’s poor ranking. One of our taste testers described it as tasting like an Andes mint mixed with ice. For some reason, the coffee meets chocolate flavour that everyone loves in a Peppermint Mocha disappears when it’s turned into a Frappuccino.

The Everygirl editors love the hot version of the Chestnut Praline Latte, but the iced version is far more contentious. As seen by its eighth-place placement, it was simply not up to the very flavorful Chestnut Praline Latte. When this isn’t hot, some of the festiveness and flavour are lost, and several of our taste testers even complained that it tasted “woody.”
The main factor that allowed this drink to rank so highly is nostalgia. Sipping a Peppermint Mocha from a Starbucks holiday cup does something to make you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside.

For some reason, everyone seemed to agree that the hot Sugar Cookie Almondmilk Latte was better than the iced version, and in fact, it was ranked seven places higher. It’s subtle enough to take the place of your typical Starbucks order, yet it has the ideal balance of being a special holiday treat. However, once more, if you’re not a huge lover of overly sugary coffees, you might want to adjust this one by adding a few less syrup pumps. Our taste tester even declared that, if she could, she would “eat one of them every day.”

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Our crew thought the Iced Gingerbread Oatmilk Chai, the newest offering on Starbucks’ holiday menu, was really good overall. It’s the ideal choice for anyone who wants the Christmas spirit without having to drink something hot because it has the comforting flavour of chai packed into an iced drink. However, we didn’t think highly of this drink and wouldn’t order it again because, to be honest, it tastes just like an ordinary iced chai. We all came to the conclusion that you would probably be better off having a regular iced oat milk chai instead of spending a few more dollars.

Incredibly, a Frappuccino has managed to secure a spot in the top three. Although this drink is undoubtedly sweet, there was something about it that made us want to give it this high rating since we couldn’t stop talking about it. It’s certainly not something you’ll order every time you visit Starbucks, but this is the ideal festive treat for the holidays. One taste tester even said, “I would have it every day if it wasn’t an actual milkshake.”

The Chestnut Praline Latte is the drink that, if ever a beverage could taste just like Christmas. If tasting “just like those roasted nuts you can purchase in Central Park,” as one taste-tester put it, isn’t that enough to entice you to give it a try? It’s not too sugary like some of the other alternatives, but it tastes quite festive. During the season, this might easily become your go-to Starbucks order rather than a special occasion treat.

We knew we had to include this cocktail in this year’s taste test after witnessing a couple variations on TikTok. Its #1 position indicates that we are glad we did. In order to place an order, you must first add two pumps of White Chocolate Mocha sauce and one pump of Peppermint syrup to a Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew.

Although one might assume that this would result in an extremely expensive price, a Grande only costs about $5, making it one of the more reasonably priced beverages on the list. This drink’s blend of flavours makes it the ideal celebration beverage. The Vanilla Sweet Cream gives it a silky texture and a sweetness that is just right. Initially, we tried this one,

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