The Best Taylor Swift Eras Tour Surprise Song For Each Zodiac Sign

Everyone is talking about Taylor Swift, and it’s easy to understand why! During her historic GRAMMY win, the acclaimed singer-songwriter made news by surprising fans with the announcement of her upcoming 11th studio album, The Tortured Poets Department, which will be published on April 19, 2024. And if that wasn’t enough excitement for one person, Swift has already begun jetting around the world for the international portion of her Eras Tour. With the tour of the millennium resumed, fans are tuning back into their TikTok live feeds to discover which hidden songs Swift will perform at her next event.

For those who don’t know, the primary set list is made public during each event, and playlists are available on Spotify. Taylor Swift shocks the audience at her concerts by performing two additional unplanned songs during her acoustic set. This ensures that each concert offers a unique experience. While this is a custom Swift has kept for years, fans have transformed the secret song set into a’moment to watch’ during the evening.

The Best Taylor Swift Eras Tour Surprise Song For Each Zodiac Sign
The Best Taylor Swift Eras Tour Surprise Song For Each Zodiac Sign

Previously, on the ‘Eras’ tour, Swift had a rule about “never repeating” surprise songs. Last year, she announced fans at her November 26, 2023, event in Brazil that she had reconsidered the rule and was resetting her surprise song list for the 2024 tour. “I decided that in 2024, when we go back on tour, I’m just going to open back up all the songs for surprise songs,” Swift said to the crowd. That implies that all of your favorite Taylor Swift songs, from Debut to Midnights, could appear on the tour setlist this year.

What hidden music is your zodiac sign hoping, longing, and dying to hear this year? Read on to discover which Taylor Swift song is your star-crossed match, according to astrology.

Aries, “Our Song”
As the first sign of the zodiac, you’re the trend-setter in your friend group. You were probably a Taylor Swift fan before anybody else heard her name, and you’ve been a devoted fan ever since. This commitment is the same way you express yourself in love, thus it felt natural to pair you with a song from the Debut era. “Our Song” depicts adolescent rebellion, staying out late, and taking a chance on love – ideal for someone as fiery and fearless as you. You’ll enjoy turning up the volume and screaming along with the words!

Taurus: “Sparks fly”
Taurus, you’re a secret romantic who can’t help but be drawn to the ageless love zodiac. You can blame it on Venus, your planet’s ruler of love, romance, beauty, music, and the arts. You enjoy big overtures and soaring songs that inspire timeless love stories. And that is why we believe you will experience “Sparks Fly” when listening to this song. The lyrics tell the story of an overwhelming love that sweeps you off your feet, takes away your anguish, and makes everything else around you disappear. We’re crossing our fingers that you’ll hear this live!

The Best Taylor Swift Eras Tour Surprise Song For Each Zodiac Sign
The Best Taylor Swift Eras Tour Surprise Song For Each Zodiac Sign

Gemini, “Suburban Legends”
Mercurial and mischievous, Geminis frequently find themselves at the center of a lot of fascinating talk. Whether you’re the one spreading rumors or the one who gets everyone talking, a day in your life is incomplete without a few whispers! That is why we believe you will connect with the story of these “Suburban Legends” and the love lost due to other people’s interference. You’ve undoubtedly fallen for a few mismatched star signs, so this sad anthem about longing for a love reconciliation will speak to you.

Cancer, “Cruel Summer”
Nobody understands the sorrow of unrequited love more than you, Cancer. The moon is your planetary ruler, and the shadow of the universe intensifies every emotion you feel. But, as stormy and unrequited as your emotions may be, you’re not the sort to keep them to yourself. You don’t like keeping secrets from the people you care about, so it’s no surprise that “Cruel Summer” appeals to you. This song blends a catchy tune with sad, melancholy lyrics to capture the essence of unrequited love. And if anyone can understand the emotion Swift is attempting to convey in this song, it’s you, Cancer!

Leo, as he said, “You’re On Your Own Kid”
You’re the zodiac’s flamboyant entertainer, Leo, so you love Taylor Swift’s powerful performances over the years. It takes talent to recognize talent, after all! You’ve always been willing to put yourself out there and take risks in life. There’s a creative streak in your nature that wants to be expressed; you don’t have time to be terrified! That is why we believe you will enjoy the words of “You’re On Your Own Kid” and its message of bravely embracing new opportunities in life.

Virgo: “Long story short”
As the zodiac’s bookworm, you enjoy lyrics that tell a tale. While others are lost in the peppy music and hyper-pop graphics, you choose to focus on the deeper meaning of the words. If you’re seeking for a secret music with multiple layers of meaning to interpret, “Long Story Short” could be the right choice! While the melody in the song appears lighthearted, the story is far more tragic. Not only are the words to this song some of Swift’s most raw and honest, but the topics connect to other songs from many albums throughout her past, allowing plenty of opportunities for sleuthing! What are you going to find?

The Best Taylor Swift Eras Tour Surprise Song For Each Zodiac Sign
The Best Taylor Swift Eras Tour Surprise Song For Each Zodiac Sign

Libra: “Is it over now?”
Libra, you’re the zodiac’s most outgoing and fun-loving flirt. Your adventurous attitude drives you to seek new experiences, and you frequently jump from relationship to relationship. You aren’t the kind to rush into a commitment, but when you fall in love, you fall hard! Every Libra has that one on-again, off-again connection for which they would go to any length, which is why the lyrics of this 1989 song will resonate with you. “Is It Over Now” is about aching and wishing for a lost love to return, thus we’re transforming it into your surprise song.

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Scorpio: “I Knew You Were Trouble”
People typically refer to Scorpios as troublemakers in love. However, they fail to recognize that your dedication in partnerships is steadfast. Being a water sign means you are willing to go to any length for the person you care about. However, your fascination with dark and moody things may lead you to fall for rebellious individuals who will take advantage of your goodwill. Sorry, Scorpio; you can’t fix him. Instead, remove his phone and listen to “I Knew You Were Trouble” on repeat until you forget why you’re sad.

Sagittarius: “Getaway Car”
As a fellow Sagittarius, Taylor Swift’s lyrics express your desire for freedom. Jupiter rules you, therefore you always find success and luck in unexpected places. With so much of the world to discover, why settle down? There is always another idea or ambition to pursue, and if somebody attempts to slow you down, you will immediately plan your getaway! That’s why “Getaway Car” is the sole option for your secret song, and we hope you’ll be able to feel the wind in your hair while singing the lyrics to this song on the Eras Tour.

Taylor Swift

The Best Taylor Swift Eras Tour Surprise Song For Each Zodiac Sign
The Best Taylor Swift Eras Tour Surprise Song For Each Zodiac Sign

Capricorn: “karma”
Capricorn is a highly disciplined sign who realizes that excellent things take time. You are willing to put in the effort to see results, and with Saturn as your planetary ruler, you can be confident that things will work out in the end. The lyrics to “Karma” are the perfect way to enjoy your fun side while also boasting about being on the right side of whatever drama you’re thinking about. Trust us, this surprise tune is as sweet as honey, so enjoy every second!

Aquarius: “You Belong With Me”
Aquarius prefers to appear “too cool” when it comes to love, but you secretly want someone would see through your façade and uncover the true you. As a logical person, you struggle to believe in fairy tale romance, yet there are times when the lyrics of songs like “You Belong With Me” make you feel all fuzzy inside. You can see that this is the unexpected song that speaks to you, so don’t be embarrassed if you still know every word!

Pisces: “invisible string”
Pisces is the zodiac’s daydreamer, therefore your hidden song has to be from Swift’s lyrically themed album Folklore. You believe in the supernatural and unseen, such as soulmates and serendipity. And, while you can’t always explain why things happen as they do, you truly feel that everything in life is interconnected. That’s why “invisible string” feels like the secret tune you’ll cherish the most. Just make sure you have Kleenex on hand!


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