The Best Plants for Interior Design with Biophilia

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The philosophy of biophilic design is a growing concept that has been shown to have numerous advantages. Creating a restorative environment in created places is supported by the design concept, which asserts that natural elements, such as plants, are responsible for this.

Adopting a biophilic approach not only helps to create a calm atmosphere, but it also contributes to improved well-being in the places in which people live. “Whether you are an interior designer working on commercial and residential projects or just looking to give your home a refresh, you can’t go wrong incorporating biophilic design principles,” says Justin Hancock, a horticulture at Costa Farms. “Biophilic design principles emphasize the importance of incorporating natural elements into building design.”

“You may create a relaxing and comfortable environment in which you can work while also feeling better if you connect your indoor spaces with the outdoor world. The presence of a plant in my bedroom, for instance, lends an air of relaxation to the interior space that I have available to me. Because there are numerous scientific studies that show to the fact that they can aid increase our memory, creativity, and problem-solving skills, I always make it a point to keep one visible from my workstation.

Eight Plants That’ll Improve Your Interiors

Global Green Pothos

Mini Monstera

Baltic Blue Pothos

Raven® ZZ Plant

Polka Dot Begonia

Pink Princess Philodendron

Silver Dragon Alocasia


How can I incorporate plants into my interior design scheme?

Consider things like space, lighting, and plant selection. Choose plants that match the existing decor and fit the size of the area. Experiment with different configurations, such as grouping plants together, making a plant wall on a shelf, or utilizing hanging planters to optimize vertical space. Once you’ve devised a strategy, begin with small containers and let the plants grow to fill the space. We promise that with proper care, it will not take long!

What are some essential considerations for homeowners interested in incorporating biophilic design into their homes?

It’s critical that your home feels like a healing space. If you’re using plants as a design feature and leaning toward biophilia, think about the space in your home, the lighting, and your capacity to keep up with the demands of new, plant-filled places. Choose plants and materials that are appropriate for your lifestyle, and most importantly, choose natural elements that you enjoy the look of, because your visual connection to your surroundings influences your well-being.

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