The 7 Most Popular Colors of Nail Polish for Winter 2024 Manicures

Fall nail polish colors that are warm, cozy, and spiced are highly associated with on-trend seasonal manicures. Examples of these nail polish colors include the chocolate brown tips Hailey Bieber most recently wore and the “pumpkin spiced aura nails” that Halle Bailey was spotted sporting.

Whenever winter begins to bite, manicure color schemes that are most in demand are usually updated to reflect the changing of the seasons. Briefly put? There’s a strong sense of drama, icy tones, and melancholy.

Pretty Pink Chrome

One of the most popular winter nail polish color trends for 2024 is pink chrome.
Throughout the summer, pink nail polish was the most popular color. For winter 2024, the color will get a chromatic upgrade. According to Joseph, a nail artist at Nailing Hollywood, “Barbie Pink was definitely a go-to this summer, but as a pink lover myself, I love it year-round.” “We’ll definitely be seeing a lot of velvet pink nails and reflective glitter pinks as the holidays approach.”

Glossy Black

One of the most popular winter nail polish color trends for 2024 is glossy black.

For independent girls who wish to foster feelings of increased confidence and mystique, there’s the popular “black nail theory.”

Manicurist and JINsoon founder Jin Soon Choi believes it will continue to set trends for the winter. “Black nails are a favorite because of their effortless coolness and have become incredibly popular recently, appealing to both men and women who want to make a statement in style.”

Classic Red

One of the most popular winter nail polish color trends for 2024 is classic cherry red.\

Red nail polish exudes an air of “quiet luxury” that is enviable regardless of the season. But the popular hue will probably become a little more subdued come wintertime.

According to Choi, “deep red nails’ timeless appeal endures because they convey a sense of confidence, sophistication, and timelessness.” “JINsoon Audacity is a color that works well with all skin tones and is always in style.”

The most recent famous person to rock a traditional red mani-pedi moment is Beyoncé.

Creamy Milk Chocolate

One of the most popular winter nail polish color trends for 2024 is light milk chocolate brown.

There were lots of “dark chocolate manicure” moments throughout the fall season. Lee thinks that as winter approaches, brown nail polish hues will become slightly paler. She observes, “I’ve been seeing a lot of lighter browns.” “It seems like these will be here for the winter.”

Halle Bailey’s recent velvet manicure has already made her feel like milk chocolate.

Fairy-tale Silver Sparkles

One of the most popular winter nail polish color trends for 2024 is sparkling silver.

Glam sparkles are really taking over the nail trends during the winter. In agreement, Kandalec notes that her “clients are feeling shimmery, sparkly, and starry-eyed” and suggests that one to watch is a subtle silver glitter look.

Dark Academia Gray

One of the most popular winter nail polish color trends for 2024 is dark slate gray.

Dark academia is a popular aesthetic that draws inspiration from the moody, ivy-covered university campuses found in books and magazines, and it is seen in fashion, beauty, and even home décor. In the realm of manicures, that frequently translates to subdued gray hues that go well with the same theme.

A nail artist from Los Angeles named Chue tells Bustle, “I think grays are totally underrated.” “Try a charcoal gray the next time you want to go dark rather than a dark red or purple.”

“Milk Bath” Nails

One of the most popular winter nail polish color trends for 2024 is milky white.

Although stark white nail polish is a summertime must, this winter expect the same white shades to be more sheer.

“Chanel Le Vernis in White Silk is my favorite nail color,” says Goldstein, a Chanel nail technician with a stellar clientele that includes Margot Robbie. It’s a lovely substitute for the sheer, pink nudes we apply in the summer. It has a faint undertone of ivory, which gives it more nuance and complexity.

I really enjoy using this as the foundation for a mini French manicure. One longtime supporter of the minimalist look is Kourtney Kardashian Barker, and Selena Gomez has also been seen sporting the sultry color lately.

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