The 2024 Grammys were the first time Taylor Swift won an award for best record.

At this year’s Grammys, Taylor Swift was the star of the evening, becoming the first artist to win album of the year four times.

With Stevie Wonder, Paul Simon, and Frank Sinatra, the superstar had previously tied for the record for most best albums.The Los Angeles event was largely female-dominated, with performances by music legends Tracy Chapman and Joni Mitchell, as well as wins for all-female indie supergroup Boygenius and R&B artists SZA and Victoria Monét.

The most prestigious Grammys

Taylor Swift’s Midnights was named album of the year.
Miley Cyrus’s “Flowers” was the year’s best record.
This year’s most popular song—”What Was I Made For” by Billie Eilish.
Victoria Monét is the best new artist.
Get a rundown of every major Grammy winner and candidate here.

Taylor Swift Now Has Most Album of the Year Grammys Wins

Taylor and Celine had a party

When Dion came out to accept the award for best album, fans went wild. This was over a year after she had to cancel all of her live performances due to a rare neurological illness, which she had been forced to cancel.

“When I express my joy at being here, it truly comes from the bottom of my heart,” she informed the crowd.

The top male winner was Killer Mike, who took home three rap prizes. On the other hand, he was “booked for misdemeanor battery” by the Los Angeles police after what seemed like a fight backstage overshadowed his accomplishment.

Celine Dion surprised everyone by making an unannounced visit despite health concerns to present her with the trophy. During the ceremony, Swift also unveiled her highly anticipated new album.

Additional top honors were bestowed to Miley Cyrus and Billie Eilish during Sunday’s gala.With Swift’s announcement of best album, Dion elicited an equally emotional response.

The celebrity has had a prolific few years, and this historic accomplishment is only one of many. She admitted that she “would love to tell you that this is the best moment in my life” if she could, but that she finds just as much joy in finishing a song, practicing, or getting ready to perform.

She declared, “The work is the award” for her. I just want to be able to keep doing this. That’s all. I adore it to bits. My heart leaps for joy. The fact that it brings joy to those who voted for this honor as well as myself is mind-boggling.

Previous album of the year wins for Swift came in 2010 with Fearless, 2016 with 1989, and 2021 with Folklore.

William and Barbie’s big night
Billie Eilish, a Grammy Award Winner

Grammys 2024: Taylor Swift makes history with best album award - BBC News

Midnights took home the prize for best pop vocal album on Sunday as well, but it’s strange that Swift has never won for single or song of the year.After entering a semi-retirement in 2009, Chapman has only made a handful of public performances. However, last year, she collaborated with country singer Luke Combs, whose rendition of her song Fast Car became an enormous hit.

Then, at the age of 80, Mitchell performed her iconic song “Both Sides Now” for the first time at the Grammys, a sitting performance that sent shivers down the spine.

The Canadian musician’s 2022 live CD chronicling her comeback to the stage following a brain aneurysm won best folk album a previous year.

Among the several accolades presented during Sunday afternoon’s four-hour “premiere ceremony” was that particular honor.

A return by Kylie
Boygenius, whose first album The Record blends love and friendship lyrics with harmonies reminiscent of 1970s California rock, also won many awards at that pre-ceremony.

Padam Padam, Kylie Minogue’s viral hit from 20 years ago, earned her her second Grammy for best pop dance recording.
This time around, the song of the year was Eilish’s What Was I Made For?, which was featured on the soundtrack of the Barbie film. It beat out Swift’s Anti-Hero. Olivia Rodrigo’s track, Cyrus’s track, and SZA’s track were all contenders.

“Everyone in this category — that was a crazy list of incredible people, incredible artists, incredible music,” Eilish told the crowd as she and her brother Finneas accepted the award. “Right now, I feel completely insane.”

Mark Ronson’s Barbie album, which included the song, was named best compilation soundtrack for visual media, and the song itself was named best music written for visual media.

miley’s breakout at the Grammys

Grammys 2024: Live updates from music's biggest night - ABC News
Grammys: Miley Cyrus and Mariah Carey

Miley Cyrus was honored with her first Grammy Award by Mariah Carey. Meanwhile, Cyrus’s album Flowers won record of the year and best pop vocal performance.The first-ever award for outstanding African performance went to South African singer Tyla, who created history.

The 22-year-old took home the trophy for her hit single “Water,” which went viral and sparked a TikTok dance trend last summer; she placed fourth in the BBC’s Sound of 2024.

“I still have to remind myself that it’s my song,” she commented. The song is playing everywhere I go, and everyone knows about it. The emotion is beyond my comprehension.

The celebrity made note of the fact that these were her very first Grammys in her inaugural acceptance speech, which she used to recount the story of a young kid whose fruitless efforts to capture a butterfly were finally successful when he simply stopped swinging the net and remained motionless.

And the second he did, a butterfly swooped down and landed on his nose. According to Cyrus, “Flowers” is his “butterfly” song.

With nine nominations and three awards to her name, SZA (center) scored a smash success with a song titled after Kill Bill, directed by Quentin Tarantino and released in 2003.

At the ceremony, she not only played her finest R&B song, but she also staged a recreation of the Crazy 88 battle sequence from Kill Bill, directed by Quentin Tarantino.

A group of female dancers, armed with swords, flanked her and quickly eliminated armies of suit-clad guys, alluding to the comedic story of her ex-killer from her song.


Dance the Night, Dua Lipa’s single featuring Barbie, was a finalist for song of the year.
With the moniker “music’s biggest night” accompanying them, the Grammys are the highest honor bestowed upon performers and record labels together.

The athletic medley of Dua Lipa’s songs, which included her contribution to the Barbie album, Dance the Night—also nominated for song of the year—opened the ceremony.

Performers included Rodrigo, Eilish, Burna Boy, and Travis Scott; attendees included celebrities such as Beyoncé, Doja Cat, and Meryl Streep.

However, the younger artists were overshadowed by the appearances of two music icons.

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